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HAPA is inspired by the life and legacy of Dr Thomas W. Patrick Sr.
Doctor Thomas W. Patrick Sr (1872-1953) migrated from Haiti to the United States as a child with his family in 1892. While in the U.S he became a pharmacist and a doctor providing healthcare education, medical services, and pharmaceutical knowledge to the Haitian community.

We, at HAPA, strive to continue Dr. Patrick’s legacy by providing the much-needed services within the Haitian American community and in other communities where our expertise is also needed


The Haitian American Pharmacist Association (HAPA) is an esteemed non-profit entity with a steadfast devotion to the elevation of health and well-being within communities. Its focal mission revolves around three fundamental tenets, commensurate with the industry’s best practices.

In reverence to the legacy of Dr. Thomas W. Patrick Sr., a venerated figure who journeyed from Haiti to the United States as a child in 1892 and eventually carved an illustrious career as both a Pharmacist and a Doctor, HAPA persists in his mission. The organization has expanded its purview to encompass the Haitian American community and extends its services to other segments where its expertise is equally imperative.

Mission statement:

The Haitian American Pharmacist Association is deeply committed to advancing health and well-being. We focus on three key areas: Community Enrichment, where we empower individuals through education; Professional Empowerment, ensuring seamless integration of pharmaceutical care; and Unified Advancement, uniting our community for a healthier future within a holistic healthcare framework.


To emerge as a preeminent catalyst for health education and advocacy, with an unwavering commitment to reaching marginalized communities, and forging critical alliances with healthcare providers, institutions, and policy influencers.

Core Values:

HAPA stands steadfast on the pillars of Health Enhancement, Community Education, Pharmaceutical Care Integration, and Unity.


HAPA is guided by a cadre of dedicated professionals distinguished in their fields of healthcare, education, and community engagement. Our members, serves as a passionate advocate for the integration of health systems within the association.

Organizational Summary:

HAPA upholds core values, focusing on health enhancement, community education, pharmaceutical care integration, and unity. Our mission is centered on comprehensive community education, empowering individuals with health knowledge, and fostering unity. Our vision is to be a dedicated advocate for health and well-being through education, empowerment, pharmaceutical care integration, and member unity for the betterment of all.


Martin Elie, PharmD
Martin Elie, PharmD


Margaret Ottinot, PharmD

1st Vice President

MichelAnge Tanis, PharmD

2nd Vice President

Ronette Dominique, PharmD

1st Treasurer

Judith Alphonse, PharmD

2nd Treasurer

Kelly Desir, PharmD

1st Secretary

Davina Richmond, CphT

2nd Secretary

Clifford Charles,PharmD

1st Media Relations

Maude Desir, PharmD

2nd Media Relations

Ijang Ngando, PharmD

1st Historian

Milouse Donervil, PharmD

2nd Historian

Deborah Lolo, PharmD

Immediate Past President

Phil Belamy, PharmD

Public Relations